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Tone of Voice

It's not just what you say, but how you say it.

What is it? 

The faster your company grows (yay) so too does the risk of diluting your tone of voice (boo).

We work closely with your brand leaders to establish the personality traits that you want to be known for.

Next, we translate everything into accessible and uncomplicated lexical guidelines.

What else?

Why is maintaining a recognisable and consistent tone of voice important you might ask? 

Take Yoda as a shining example of a unique, recognisable tone of voice reflecting a critical part of a character's identity.

We bet you're even doing the voice in your head right now.



  • Identifying brand personality traits

  • Grammatical rules & conventions

  • Brand lexicon production

  • Social media guidelines

  • 3rd-party copy guidelines

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"Your path you must decide." - Master Yoda

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