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Bid Writing

Words to help you win and retain business.

What is it? 

We wield words that help you win.

After all, what good is your game-changing proposal if your message gets lost in translation? 

Persuasive and authoritative copy can mean the difference between winning and losing, and we know a thing or two about #winning.

Our team have helped businesses to secure millions in revenue, all through the transformative power of words.

This really is our bread, jam and peanut butter.

What else?

We study your industry, product and services, business culture and values to become an authentic communicator for your brand.

Our words have featured within winning proposals across the food & drink, hospitality, start-up and tech industries.

We specialise in simplifying complex messaging, making it leaner, meaner and certifiably compelling.


  • New business and retention copy production

  • Red-pen bid reviews and finessing

  • Pitch deck production

  • Bid library copy production

  • New business and retention consultancy

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What we do


Social Media

Hands-free social media management.

Creative Writing

Stuck for words? Killer copy starts here.

Web Copy

Deliciously compelling copy for your website.

Blog Posts

Thought-provoking and bingeable content.

Tone of Voice

It's not just what you say, but how you say it.